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Types of Men’s Collar: The 2021 Edit

Collars are a significant part of a men’s shirt yet it is the most underrated and ignored one too. A good collar can make you look sharp by balancing your facial features. There are so many different types of collars, well some, you haven’t even heard about. 

Did you know that a collar can change the entire appearance of your outfit, or even that not all collars are formal, well, a few are not even in fashion anymore?

The men’s collars have seen the most changes in a shirt, from the extra ruffled medieval collars to soft collars to slight triangular ones worn now.

So let’s talk about collars, an art hanging in your wardrobe, often brushed aside. But wait, an endless list of collars exist, we’ll just point out the popular ones, the ones most worn in our country.



The point collar is one of the most recognised and the chosen collar with pointed tips and little space between the collars. It is most often used in formal shirts, for an everyday office look. It can be worn with a narrow tie and not the broad ones because of the little space in-between the collar.

It gives the face a slimming effect and is ideal for those with shorter necks.



Another of the classics, as the name suggests, the spread collar has more room in-between the collar, making it perfect for broader ties. With the fast disappearance of the ties from the men’s office wear wardrobe, this shirt can be worn without ties and still look amazing when paired along with any trousers.

The spread collars are the most versatile amongst all the types of collars and you should definitely stock up as they are ideal for casual, formal or even for party wear shirts.

It gives a broadening effect to the face, hence makes it suitable for people with longer necks.



If you’re unfamiliar with the band collar, you must have heard the other name, ‘The Chinese/Mandarin Collar’. These collars have been around for a long time and were often worn in Korea and China. When worn along with a jacket, preferably a leather one, it tends to look more stylish giving you a glam look.

Ties are impossible to wear along with this type of collar.



Just as the name suggests, button-down collars, have buttons (smaller than the actual ones on your shirt) underneath the collars, giving it a relaxed look. It is best worn for a casual lunch with your friends, on a lazy Sunday evening. The collars give a very unique and crisp look to your neckline, leaving no room for a tie.

Originally worn in England, this type of collar is making a fast entry into the casual shirts wardrobe. Wearing a chinos or denim along with a button-down shirt is one of the best options to choose, when in a hurry.



Another of the England originals, the club collared shirt gives a unique twist, needed for special occasions. A little story of how the club collar actually came in existence: 

Back in 19th century, Eton College was the college of the elite class British kids who wanted to distinguish themselves from the rest of the colleges in the country. They thought of various ways in which others cannot copy their high class standards, and hence ended up rounding the collar. After a while, this collar was made available to the public, who hoarded the stores, searching for ‘THE ETON COLLAR’ or ‘THE CLUB COLLAR’ signifying an elite club membership.

Wondering how to carry a club collared shirt. It is a tricky collar yet is best worn on formal occasions when you want to stand out of the crowd, such as a business dinner or a cocktail party.



Once upon a time, the wingtip collar was the everyday formal wear for the business men in Europe, but now it sees the light of day, on very few formal occasions. It has small collar points which protrude outwards just like wings. 

It has to be worn with a bow and a tuxedo for a complete look on formal evenings.



The cutaway collar has a pretty wide distance between the collar points, making it the ideal collar for Windsor knot ties. It was popular back in 1930s but is rarely worn nowadays as it is opposite of the ‘narrow’ collars. 

The cutaway collar is an ideal choice for 3-piece outfits.



These were the top 7 collars you needed to know about to style your outfits without any fuss. A collar can make you stand out of the crowd enhancing your facial features or it can make you look drained out. Choose wisely.