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Popular Shirt Fabrics

There are so many different fabrics to choose from, yet have you ever wondered why are some more comfortable than the others? Why are the daily wear fabrics and the party wear fabrics so different from each other?

There are certain shirts which are made of a thinner and breathable material, providing ease of movement as well as a cool finishing, these shirts are best worn on a regular basis. Whereas, some shirts offer a rich look, and are made of a thicker material, ideally for parties or dinner events.

Let’s break it down -


  1. OXFORD 

The Oxford fabric originated in Scotland during the 19th century and is made using a unique basket weave method. Usually the shirts made from this material have a button-down collar, saving you from the expense of purchasing a tie. This fabric can be worn to a casual or a formal event due to its lustrous appearance. They’re easy to maintain, comfortable and highly durable because of the heavy fabric.


  1. SATIN

The Satin fabric is one of the most delicate yet the softest fabric available in the market. This fabric is woven by passing threads onto one another and due to its shiny structure; it is worn to parties or functions. This material is risky to maintain and hence utmost care should be taken to avoid the wrinkles on the cloth. When paired with a fitting trouser, this looks fantastic and can make you stand out in a crowd.

  1. LINEN

Linen is made from the fibres of the flax plant and is a highly breathable fabric. It is much more durable than cotton but is easy to wrinkle. It is ideally worn on a daily basis during summer, for a relaxed, casual and a laid back look. When compared to cotton, it is coarser and is preferred in jackets and shirts. 



Typically inexpensive and breathable, this cloth is used in many shirts because of the ease of care and comfort. It is durable as well as soft, giving it an amazing finish. This material is man-made as is less prone to wrinkling. Also, it is stronger and sturdier than many other fabrics.


  1. DOBBY

A woven fabric, dobby has small geometric prints, striped patterns and good texture on the cloth. Dobby shirts are less formal but are perfect for casual occasions, when you want to look a little fancy. Usually, polo shirts are made from this material and are durable. 


 The poplin fabric is a good choice for a casual or a laidback look as it is easy to carry and manage. This soft material is usually found in vibrant and bold colours, standing out from the rest of the fabrics. The smooth texture is made from a plain weave of fine yards making it thin, breathable and long lasting. 



The most preferred material for shirts is cotton. It is breathable, less prone to wrinkles, in comparison with linen and is soft and comfortable. It is perfect for the sensitive skin as it is made from natural materials. 

Egyptian cotton is the best cotton available in the market. It tends to become softer after every use and is strong and resistant to stress. It is expensive but also can last for a long time with proper care. 

Pima cotton is similar to Egyptian cotton in many ways but is cheaper and hence is a popular alternative to the Egyptian cotton. It absorbs colour better than the other cottons available and is more lustrous.

While Egyptian and Pima cotton are the premium materials available, they comprise of nearly one-tenth of the total usage of cotton. Upland cotton, the cheaper available cotton, is widely used in making garments because of its softness and low maintenance qualities and has the major share in the world’s cotton exports.



The Pinpoint fabric is a great choice for business formals and has similar characteristics to the Oxford cloth and has a tighter weave and is more formal than the same. It is thicker and heavier than broadcloths but have a certain elegance which comes with a big price tag.  

There are many other varieties of fabrics in the market but these are a few, widely in demand. With a hint of confidence, and the perfect material of your shirt, you can blend in or stand out of the crowd, whenever you want to. Also, remember that the quality of the shirt is much more important than the quantity you own.