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The Essentials

Tired of changing clothes every season, or wondering if it’s actually worth investing in an outfit which might or might not stay in trend after a while or are you searching for good shirts for men or the best quality shirts without it causing a hole in your pocket? Read on.

There are certain basic shirts which you must have in your wardrobe. Either the design or by layering well, you can make yourself stand out of the crowd. You can mix and match these with different trousers or jackets and never have to get the same look again.

Forget the common checked and striped variants which can easily be found in every wardrobe. This year, enhance your style by trying out new varieties and revamp your wardrobe and style. 

The best outfits you can stick to are the timeless pieces, which can be layered and styled according to the occasion or the event or even shirts which speak for themselves. Too much information? Don’t worry; we’ll lay out the basics.


1. Black and white solid shirts

The need of the hour is a plain basic shirt, which can be worn during any event, casual or formal. It can be worn with denim/chinos/trousers or even a good pair of shorts for lunch with friends. Most importantly, these shirts can be layered for different looks as a black or a white shirt goes with any colour in your wardrobe. 

 The biggest mistake which a person usually makes is by not investing in the quality of the shirt; they end up buying it at discounted rates often compromising their comfort for style. What they don’t realise is that a good quality black or white shirt goes a long way and can be paired with different overcoats to attain stylish and trendy looks.


2. Solid shirts

Colours look amazing on men, I cannot stress this enough. Not browsing enough colours just because you want to blend in with the crowd has become a common block in the young minds. Instead of the basic masculine colours like blue or brown, try wearing colours like baby pink, maroon or even sea green, occasionally. Stocking up on solid shirts is a good idea as you can match it with many pairs of coloured trousers.


3. Party Wear Shirts

Well, who doesn’t want to look good at parties? A few exclusive party wear shirts are a must have in your wardrobe. Satin finished materials are the ultimate party wear outfits one should always have. Bold clean solid shirts, when paired with matching trousers makes you stand out from the regular crowd. Also, a party shirt is occasionally worn and hence, is much more durable.

 Usually, people wear their regular office formals to parties, thinking about not spending thousands of bucks on a simple shirt, but what they don’t know is that there are plenty of brands out there which don’t charge a huge price. Spending money on a party wear shirt is an investment you don’t want to miss.


4. Vacation Wear

Do floral or colour-blocked shirts seem too over the top for you? Do you think you cannot carry these shirts well or that you won’t look good in them? Well, if you never try, you’ll never know, right? When worn along with a basic white t-shirt, these shirts look jaw-dropping. 

Cool, comfortable and trendy, they create a happy and calm vacation vibe as they come in vibrant colours. 


5. Half-sleeved Shirts

If you haven’t tried a half-sleeved shirt, you’d be missing out on a lot of fashion trend. Half-sleeved shirts have been making there way back into the fashion industry, in both formal as well as casual. Yes, you read that right. Forget those hot and humid days when you had to wear a full-sleeved shirt underneath a blazer for a meeting with your clients. 

Casual half-sleeved shirts are perfect for a one day vacation with your friends and can be paired with almost anything ranging from shorts to trousers for numerous occasions. 


Experimenting with different styles while topping it up with your confident personality will set you up perfectly for the day. Keeping an open mind while it comes to men's fashion can turn all heads to you because who said men's fashion are just plain shirts and denim.